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  1. It is really wonderful and powerful information given to devotees who is suffering bad karma due to last birth.
  2. If by your inner conscious 100% surrender to Sreepada he will get rid of karma.
    1. In form of dream be reduced the intensity of bad karma.
    2. If a Karma is of longer period then Sreepada can transfer in dreams or through mental stress.
  3. Feeding poor people helping them donating to various communities for helping people.
  4. By way of blessing the powerful rays can burn bad karma in ash.
  5. He can observe or transfer bad effect rays to any animals or trees.
  6. Worshiping to guru and various Saints will reduce bad karma effect.
  7. Worshiping your deity, guru, sreepada, your family goddess, this will remove all bad karmas of past life.


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