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Parayan of Book
Chapter No. & Description Result of Paraayana Page No
1. Account of the encounter between Shankara Bhatt, author of Charitamruta and Vyaghreswara Sarma Peace and prosperity will flourish in the house by the 'Paaraayana' of this chapter. 1 - 7
2. Shankar Bhatt meets Sree Siddhendra Yogi; The story of Vichitrapura 'Paaraayana'of this chapter removes mental diseases and mental troubles which cannot be disclosed to others. 8-22
3. Shankar Bhatt meets Palani Swamy; He visits Kuruvapura

Devoted reading of this Chapter is necessary for remedying 'Naga Dosha'and for birth of children.

23 - 35
4.Shankar Bhatt had vision of Vasvambika in Kuruvapura. By devoted reading of this Chapter, Girls will get married with suitable bridegrooms. Release from the sin resulting from abuse of'Guru'. 36 - 42
5.Arrival of Shankar Bhatt at Tirupati - visits Tirumaladas at Kanipakam - The prevention of harassment of Saturn by the mercy of Sreepada.   To be freed from the faults of non-fulfilment of the woes made to deities; to remove obstacles, this Chapter has to be read devotedly. 43 - 52
6.The story of Narasavadhani This Chapter should be read for removal of the curses of departed ancestors. 53 - 72
7.The description of Universal spheres This is to be read sincerely for gaining scholarship. 73 - 88
8.Description of Incarnations of Datta For obtaining children and for the grace of Lakshmi this Chapter is to be sincerely read. 89- 101
9.The discussion on the fruits of 'Karma' 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter is for removal of 'Praarabdha Karmas'. 102-119
10.Description of the Narasimha Swamy forms   'Paaraayana'of this Chapter is to eradicate misfortune. 120-133
11. Worship of Datta results in adoration of all deities. Birth of Sreepada-An extraordinary lustrous phenomenon; The episode of Subbayya Sreshti, Chintamani and Bilwa Mangala. 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter is to get freed from bad habits. 134-142
12. Story of KulaSekhara This Chapter is to be read devotedly for health of the body. 143-147
13.The Account of Ananda Sarma 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will increase cattle wealth and agricultural yield. 148-162
14. Grant of 'Abhaya' (Assurance of protection) to Datta Das. 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter is to overcome accidents and to get courage and enthusiasm. 163-173
15. The account of Bangarappa and Sundara Rama Sarma 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will enable one to avoid unnecessary quarrels and removes the sins committed in past births. 174-186
16. The account of SreemanNarayana 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will enhance power of attracting money. 187-197
17.The meeting with Sri Namananda 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will bring blessing of 'Siddha Purushas'. 198-212
18. Description about Ravidas - Divine Auspicious Darshan of Sree Sreepada 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will destroy sinful acts and a prosperous life will be established. 213-222
19.Meeting with Guru Charan 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter will end mental troubles. 223-233
20. The account of Vissavadhani; (Description of the divine auspicious form of Sree Sreepada) 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter will avert great troubles and losses in life. 234-247
21. Visit of Dandi Swamis to the Kukkuteswara Temple 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will bring spiritual benefit and increase the strength of 'punya'. 248-257
22.The story of Guru Datta Bhatt. 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter eradicates faults of 'Karma' and removes obstacles faced by man. 258-265
23. Explanation of the esoteric significance of Shiva worship. The greatness of a Shiva Yogi's devotion - The preachings of , Sree Sreepada to him. 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter will give wealth. 266-270
24. Explanation of 'Ardhanaareeswara Tattwa'. 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter is very good for harmonious married life. 271-277
25. The efficacy of Rudraaksha 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter will end many worldly difficulties, and bring happiness and peace. 278-283
26. 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter is necessary for removal of misfortune and for obtaining good children. 284-286
27.Visiting Virupaaksha in the Pancha Deva Pahad area 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter brings divine help in critical conditions. 287-289
28.The story of Sree Vaasavi and Sree Nagareswara 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter is necessary for settlement of worthy marriage alliances. 290-293
29.The Divine teaching of SreeSreepada 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter will will bring the blessings of deceased ancestors. 294-294
30. Sree Sreepada personally announces that Sreepada Sreevallabha Mahaa Samsthan will be established 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter is for glorious future. 295-296
31. Description of 'Dasa Mahaa - Vidyas'. 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter is for gaining education, wealth and authority. 297-301
32.Description of Nava Nathas -' The story of Nava Nathas 'Paaraayana'of this Chapter brings the grace of 'Sadguru'. 302-304
33. Sree Sreepada personally performed the wedding of Ramani and Narasimharaya By the 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter suitable marriage alliance will be settled. 303-308
34. The story of Sarabheswara By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter troubles from debts are removed, comfort and affluence are obtained. 309-314
35. Explanation about Ugra Tara - Devi By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter powerful speech is gained. 315-318
36. The account of Vedanta Sarma (Worship of Maatangi) By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter amicable married life is achieved. 319-326
37. The description of Chinna - Mastha Devi By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter life which goes on without any meaning or purpose will be settled to normal condition 327-329
38. Explanation about Bagala - Mukhi worship By the 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter self-confidence is achieved. 330-337
39.Meeting with Nagendra Sastry By the 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter affliction from 'Sarpa Dosha' is remedied. 338-342
40. Meeting with Bhaskara Sastry By the'Paaraayana'of this Chap. impossible things are rendered possible. 343-346
41. The story of a pseudo mendicant - Disappearance of Sree Sreepada By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter one can escape from the deception and conspiracies of others. 347-353
42. Sree Sreepada gave His divine Darshan always to His Parents, Sri Baapanarya, Sri Narasimha Varma and Venkatappayya Sreshti By the'Paaraayana'of this Chap. children who were lost will be traced. 354-358
43. Description of Anagha Lakshmi By the'Paaraayana'of this Chap. eight types of prosperity is gained. 359-364
44. Description of Golden Pithikapura By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter a glorious future is achieved. 365-370
45. Instructing Sree Sree Hanuman to incarnate on earth. Stay of Sree Sreepada in Kashi By the'Paaraayana'of this Chap. development in all fields is achieved. 371-376
46. Visiting the house of Sri Dhana Gupta By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter marriage alliances are immediately settled. 377-380
47. Bringing peculiarly parents and other dependants from Sri Pithikapuram to Panchadeva Pahaad By the'Paaraayana'of this Chapter all kinds of auspicious results are fructified 381-384
48. Description of Durbar in Panchadev Pahaad By the 'Paaraayana' of this Chapter four kinds of 'Purushaardaas' are gained by the distressed, poor, spiritual seekers, and those yearning for liberation. 385-388
49. The methods of Sree Sreepada in destroying Karma From'Paaraayana'of this Chapter all sins of 'Karma' abate. 389-392
50. Relief from poverty and other curses caused by abusing Gurus From'Paaraayana'of this Chap. poverty and other curses caused by abusing a 'Guru' are removed. 393-395
51. Protection from drowning and other perils - The efficacy of 'Paaraayana' of this book (Phalasruti). From'Paaraayana'of this Chap ter protection from all accidents like accidental drowning is provided. A devoted reading of this Chapter is very useful for the native of the horoscope to be rescued from all accidents and have a long span of life. A devoted reading of this book brings benefits of this world and other world. 396-397
52. Proving the Yogic experience of Shankar Bhatt From'Paaraayana'of this Chapter any problem will be solved without any effort. 398-398
53. The manner in which Sri Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitaamrutam reached Pithikapuram. From'Paaraayana'of this Chapter very heinous sins are destroyed, and fortune which slipped out of hands until then will be recaptured. 399-399
Devotees who want to derive the results indicated above, should make a solemn vow of their desire, observe 'Sapthaaha Deeksha' and perform 'Paaraayana' of Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitaamruta with devotion and diligence; Or at least read every day after bath, those particular Chapters for 40 days (48 days in case of ladies) recollecting and chanting with devotion and care the name. of Sreepada. alone in a spirit of ecstasy, recite the hymns about Sreepada Sreevallabha and Sree Datta and worship Him. They will achieve success in their endeavours.
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