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1) Feeding or donating very poor people by donating food is one of best way to attain virtue.

2) We must accept food from the persons who have special powers and clear mind.

3) Holy people help us in getting rid of all bad karmas of previous birth.

4) Depending on ones spirituality his life and success depends.

5) Sreepada states that without his permission or desire no one can visit Pithapur. He say that’s if anyone wants to visit pithapur and sreepada also wants him to visit he will arrange anything for him so he can visit pithapur.

6) There are many cruel and unwanted things happening in this today’s world. This all bad and evil things will be destroyed by me and all shall be peaceful.

7)  After death of our family members of any elders their all rituals should be done which are as per our religion states. If not so then they shall be born as tree, animal or any thorny trees.

8) If you have killed any cow, snake or any other animal by mistake then you must cremate it and if possible by full faith must donate food.

9) Due to previous birth and karma they don’t come together.

10) If anyone come to ask for anything or any donation do not scare them by talking loudly or fighting with them. Same thing can also be happen to you.

11) One must not cheat people, must not take their advantage and take money from them or kill anyone. We must pay good amount of fees to those who work for us.  IF we cheat them then we shall have to face all these bad karmas in our next birth.

12) Everyone should pray and worship their guru and deities, by doing so it will be as offering prayer to Sreepada.

13) Those who pray to Sreepad with full devotion and faithfully, Sreepad blesses them and improve his life.

14) Sreepad is always waiting for his devotees. Whenever any devotees come forward one step to him he comes 100 steps closer to you and removes all difficulties from your life.

15) Lord Datta is one of the most supreme powers in universe so one must pray to his Paduka.

16) Kuravpur is karmabhumi of Sreepad from where he disappeared into Kirshna River.

17) Both Venkateshwar and Sreepad are same but still they are different.

18) During Chitra Nakshatra offering puja to Sreepad one shall be benefited by it.

19) Various stars are responsible for our nature of living and behavior. These stars are responsible for anger, love affection and all the good bad things occurring in our life.

20) Problems occurring in our life are due to effects of stars. This can be reduced by doing mantra, jap, dhyan, prayers to sadguru, If your past karma are bad or evil then no mantra and tantra can change your stars but only Sreepad can change this.  Sreepad can change what all is written in your pas and future he gives order to Lord Bhrama to change your life. If anyone is dying then he can be saved by giving him more life. Sreepad can do anything. After reading Sreepada Charitramurtam one shall be get benefit of heaven after death.

21) Whenever we are doing any work such as writing or any other thing we must remember our god within our mind and should think as he is sitting in front of us so automatically that work will be done perfectly and will be done as if Lord himself is guiding us to that work.

22) To avoid sudden death one must do puja of Kalnisha.

23) If anyone sends photo or picture of Sreepad Vallabha and prays in front of it then Lord himself blesses them.

24) Manaspuja means making picture of your favorite deity or god in your mind as if it is sitting on it chair, Praying this was is Manaspuja.

25) While meditation breathing done is also best way to please god.

26) Removing past bad karmas and purify yourself one must donate anything he is capable of to donate for eg. Food, money, clothes etc.

27) During our past birth any bad karma or insult to any Satpurush or Sadguru then all bad powers are affected on us. All bad and evil things come up into our mind, we don’t not pray to god. To remove all these bad thing we must always pray to god and donate to poor as well as should seek blessings from Satpurush and take their guidance.

28) Every time or whenever we get free time or while walking, traveling we should prayer to god or jap his name whenever we are free. By this god will arrange our meeting with any satpurush who shall guide us in proper way to attain goals in our life.

29)  Whatever written in all holy books and stories mentioned in that are not been able to read  by those people who are having bad karma in their earlier birth. SO whoever read all these books will attain good faith in their life.

30) Kuravpur means place of Kuravs & Pandavs. But later on given to King named Kuru.

31) During Chitra Nakshatra Offering puja and prayers to Sreepad will be beneficial.

32) Our birth giving parents are our closer and dear ones. So we must take care of them in their old age. Who dose not take care of their parents sreepda considers him as bad person.

33) Gangapur is place where whoever is suffering from bad spirits such as ghosts, evil powers, sreepda relapses the person from all these negative powers.

34) We should have earned our fortune and wealth by good means and right way of earning. If we had earned wealth by bad ways or wrong path the we have to suffer in our life.

35) IF you are involved in some sin then you should pray to Sreepad with full concentration and clear mind then only he will remove all your sins.

36) Don’t ever make fun or insult of holy person or satpurush as this may be insult to god.

37) Sreepad has powers to make poor into rich and rich into poor. He can do this according to persons nature and belief. He first check that if a poor man is made rich he has capacity to take care to the wealth which is given to him and not spend unnecessary. Sreepad can change anyones future in past and past in to future. If you have belief in Sreepad and prayer him he can surely change your bad karmas into good karma. He can convert sky into earth ands earth into sky.

38) Mans birth depends upon wish of god. No one can choose where he want to get birth in rich or poor family. All it depends upon your past karma.

39) Murder, Theft, Rape, Dishonesty, Corruption, not treating your parents properly. Due to all these things we get born as insects, animals, trees, stones, snakes etc.

40) Praying to god, treating all people equally, donating food, donations, treating your parents very well, due to all these we do good karma and we get path to heaven after death.

41) Earning money by bad ways or by corruption, that money doesn’t stay much with us. This means of earning makes our children’s and our family members in trouble as the get some or other way ill effect on their life; they make suffer from any diseases of mental or physical disorder. What all people do evil or good is affected on their family members also.
42) About Nonveg

Sreepada explains the details with example about goat and eatting nonveg. He says thats suppose one killed a goat, and ate it in company of ten others. The goat experiences terrible pain at the time of exit of life. Those painful reactions lie concealed in the airy region. In the sphere of air, painful reactions and happy reactions lie concealed. Good deeds produce happy vibrating reactions and bad deeds produce agitating reactions.

43) Good or Bad Karma
Body is consisting of good and bad karma. How bad karma's remove by way of blessing or doing worship. This explanation is given in English book page no.234 and Marathi book page no-161.
44) All God is same
In marathi edition page No.75 and English page No.109 it is mentioned that Sreepada said that "Tirumala Das would be born in Maharashtra under the name of Gadge Maharaj and Sreepada Sreevallabha Samarth Sadguru incarnation as Sai Baba in the garb of muslim will take place"
45) Sreepad has told that he shall appear on every thrusday on pithapur in afternoon.
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