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Rakhi Poornima

This is one of very important day of each and every human life. the above picture shows Vastavu celebrating raki poornima with his brother Sreepada Sreevallabha.

In English edition of Sreepada Charitramurtam Page No 233.

Desires are fulfilled by parayana of my biography also all obstacles are removed, if one participates in this any noble activity connected with my Sansthan in Pithapuram. If I am worshipped with deveotion on occasion of My Birth star "chitra" troubles from debts will be settled , marriages will be arranged of unmarried people. All evil parts, ghosts and other unseen spirits are removed from your life.

Shravan suddha poornima is the scared day on which Sri Vasavi Kanya tied raakhe to me. Chitrgupta writes great punya to those who stay in my presence in Pithapuram on that day.

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