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Benefits of Reading Sreepada Charitramurtum

This book was published in 2007 as per instructions let down by Sreepad. Please make notes of important points mentioned in this book.

This is not an ordinary book or pothi. It is live picture painted in front of your eyes and if you read you will involve in reading more and more . This book will take you in highest level in your life and will solve all the hurdles , problem, burdens and all difficulties . In each and every sentence written by Shankar Bhatt is as per directions of Sreepada. Sreepada also mentioned those who will develop this tree and showered the flowers to human kind he will be benefited.(By way of explanation, translation, Audio, Video, Presentation, Demo etc.)

This book can be kept in your worship place and at least should be read once or one chapter everyday.

My dear friends supreme God has given us various types of trees and fruits. Everybody has to select their parents and family as per Shreepad Dattaterays wish, who is supreme god in this world. For the benefit of human kind he has shown various roads to achieve our goals. All instructions, information and guidelines given by him are mentioned in his book.

Due to some or other reason I feel that this information mentioned in this Charitra Book to achieve our goals and family life. It should be passed on to you. Hence due to blessing of my Guru Shri Saibaba we have developed this website of Srepada Sree Vallabha of Pithapur for benefits of devotees.

The main important points for the human life is to treat other persons as our friends, relatives or family members and not like our enemies. This love or affection raised invisibilby reached Lord Sreepada and he refeclts same in form of blessing to you and our life.

We are very fortunate that’s we are living as humans. Our birth is not a miracle but reflection of old karma according to our past karma rules and regulation and parameters of the last birth. We have to suffer in this birth. If we have done a bad karma by cheating or harassment to society, people, family. If we have done any bad things then we get life of animal, birds and in human form we are beggers, and hard working people.. This all sorts of examples are written in this Sreepada Sreevallabha Charitramurtum and whatever is mentioned is truth. To overcome various types of burden in life, Sreepad Vallabha has shown various ways to control this stars and reduce their powers such by performing puja and havans, worshiping, mantras and parayana.

  1. Stotra
  2. Angha Devi
  3. Chitra Nakshatra
  4. Shani Pradosh

Doing by this you will defiantly benefit in case your past karma was very bad and hard. Percentage is more than the above solution then only Lord Sreepad can do to pass on this karama in dream.

Written in this book that’s Sreepada can give order to Bramha to change your destination past to present , present to future .

I feel if you perform all major puja’s in Pithapur then you will benefit immediately. He also mentioned in this book that if you bow your head in front of your guru it reflects to him. Hence I feel that you read this book with your heart and carry out daily parayana of this book.
  1. Sreepad himself told that this book is like God.
  2. Each and every word is truth and having tremendous power.
  3. After reading this book you will develope spiritual level and get peace of mind.
  4. After reading this book 12 times all physical and mental problems will be reduced.
  5. Every human being is made of two frames good & bad. After reading this book all evil and bad rays are converted into good rays and gives good mental peace of mind. All powerful rays spread around us in all directions.
  6. If you keep this book in your room or worship place invisible rays start spreading and destroy all evil elements.
  7. By reading this book one can pray from bottom of heart by which sreepada can remove all bad karmas from inside you. Sreepad will change your future in good way.
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