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What we should do for reducing Sadesaati is given on Page No.23 of Marathi edition. We have given some examples with pictures which sreepada has given instruction to us.

Shanidev informs to Sreepada that he knows "Saadesati" will start for shankar bhatt but what should i do. Sreepada informs to Shanidev that you carry out your work , i will do my work.

Shanidev started giving lot of trouble to Shanka Bhatt. Some pictures which we have represented as below.


The prevention of hrassment of saturn by the Mercy of Sreepada.

The details of Saadesati is indicated in page no-26 in marathi book and page no-43 in english book. How Sreepada reduce Sadesaati of 7 1/2 years in 7 days main important picture as follows.

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