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Sreepada was not born out of physical union of parents. Yogic lights emerged from the eysy of Appalaraj Sharma and mother sumati who were in deep meditation. These lights combined and stayed in the womb of mother sumati. this information is given in ENglish book page no-134 and 59. IN marathi edition page nop 92-42.

Kukutashewar temple loacted in Pithapur, after finifshing Shani Pradosh Shiv Aradhana suddenly people heard the sound with lighting rays through shivlinga" My dear friend Bappanarya your daughter named Sumati maharani will get married with Appalaraju Sarma. Due to this lot of benefit will get all the societies of people. This is the order to you from lord Dattatraya. Nobody can in this world their to disobey". This is was also heard by Venktapa Narshingh Verma & other people present there.

Raja Sarma told that he would ask 'Kaalaagnishamana Datta' during the time of worship and non should see during worship. After worship datta sits face to face in human form and speaks. Then he would merge in the idol. This was daily affair. Raja saema would not submit petty matters or selfish problems. Once day Datta appeared very placid. After worship, Darra sat before Raja Sarma and called "Come Sridhara!" one form emerged from Datta and immersedagain and again. Datta again made sign with his fingers and called" Come Sridhara!". Raja Sarma was wondering at this Lord Datta told that the form you just seen is one of sub-incarnations that come in the ensuing years. This information is given in English bool page no-57,58 and marathi book page no 38.
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