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What God can do for Devotees

One of simple & important example given in this book is of one lady been saved by Shankar Bhatt. Page no 198 of english book and Page 134 marathi book.

Once whiel travelling Shankar Bhatt saw one lady running towards him and fell on his feet and asked his to save from two men following her and chasing her. Seeing this Shankar Bhatt was afraid and he said with his heart beating fast and legs haking that " Mother ! Dont fear Sreepada will definatily protect you from thoase people. get up without any fear"

Suddenly came out of his mouth and said " You were bron as Brahmins but, you have killed a cow last night and eat its meat, drank liquor and foloowing all bad habits. For such people like you it is not difficult to kill me or this innocent lady. I am ready for anything , I am telling this out of pity for you as you will contact with leprosy after killing this lady. Thos whos suffer from leprosy will have abnormal diesease. Sankes will not bite a person sufferingfrom leprosy Leprosy can be cured by medicine prepared from sankes venom, but this procedure of preparation of medicine is not know to all . If this diesease is controlled and the medicine is taken the disease abates. If you want to suffer from the most despiciable disease out of all disease you can kill this woman. I am telling this out of my concern for you well being.

Hearing this these two men collasped as some statements exactly related to their past lives, they belived as my forcast would also takeplace accurately.

God gave us discriminatory power to decide what is good and what is bad. We can derive good results if we tread good path. If we follow bad path we have invariably to experience bad results.
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