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Sri Kshetra Amrapur (Amareshwar) is approximately 23 kilometers from Sangli city in Maharashtra State.

Following is an extract from Guru Charitra Chapter 18 :

Sri Narasimha Saraswati visited the Pancha Ganga Sagar, which is the confluence of the five holy rivers, Siva, Bhadra, Kumbhi, Bhagwati and Saraswati, where they all meet and merge in the Krishna river. Here is the temple of Amareshwar and hence the place is called as Amarapur. Nearby is the Sakti Teertha, where reside Sixty-four Yogini Shaktis, serving and worshipping Amareshwar, but unseen by others. Nearby was Papa Vinasini and other holy Teerthas. Sri Krishna Saraswati stayed at Amarapur for 12 years. This place came to be later called as Narsobawadi (Narsobachi Wadi), after Sri Narasimha Saraswati.

From Guru Charitra Chapter 19 : "I am leaving my Padukas here. I will be ever present where my Padukas are worshipped. Whatever wishes to be prayed for, offering worship to the Padukas, they will be granted and fulfilled." - Sri Narasimha Saraswati.

How to reach Amrapur (Amareshwar).

Nearest Train Station is JaiSinghpur which is 5 kms from Sangli Railway Station.
Sangli city to Amrapur (Amareshwar) Distance 23 kms.
JaiSinghpur to Amrapur (Amareshwar) Distance 15 kms.

Sangli 'City Bus' fare to Narsobachiwadi is approx. Rs.15 /-

Private Jeeps/Trax/Sumo are also available.

Exactly on the opposite bank of the river is Amrapur, which is approx. 1 km from Narsobachiwadi Temple.

Amareshwar Temple can be seen from Narsobachiwadi Temple, and can be reached by foot or by Rickshaw by crossing the Bridge across the river.

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