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Trigoonatmak, Trimurti, Shree Dattatraya Shree Anagha Datta Swaroop is the combined swaroop of Lord Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh (Generator, Organizer & Destroyer i.e God). Anagha Laxmi is a combined swaroop of Goddess Mahasaraswati, Mahakali & Mahalaxami who are meant for knowledge, protection & prosperity which is required for life.

By performing puja or vrata for above deities, one shall find himself as full of love, peace, prosperity, children and success in life.

Shree Datta Anagha Laxami Vratam

Inspiration of Sreepada Vallabha Swami

Performance of Vrata

Margashi, Magh Astami day and every Krishna Astami day of every month puja to be performed by everybody in morning by children and preferably couples (Husband & Wife ) also called as Dampatya Couple.

Aim of puja/ Vrata

All Astami puja vanishes sins made by person. After offering this puja by devotees his wishes are fulfilled by lord. All his expectations such as marriage proposals, prosperity, family well being, good climate, knowledge, success, mental peace, and welfare of all after full grace of Shree Dattatrya & Shree Anagha Mata.


How to perform this Puja/ Vrata

Devotees who are offering this pooja or vrata has to observe full day fast on day of pooja. Before performing this pooja the premises where pooja is being hled has to be cleaned properly. Devottees should be dressed properly in pooja attair and start pooja.

Devottes should place a "Chaurang" (four legged wodden desk) facing east-west direction and decorating it but placing clean cloth on it. Attractive rangoli should be drwan besides the desk. akshatas (raw rice) should be placed in centre of the desk and on top of it kalash filled with water should be placed on it. Also akshatas should be placed on all eight directions East to North, South, South East, South West, North West, North, North East. Kalash should be decorated but putting kumkum, sandal powder (chandan), flowers, beatal nut, coconut and mango leaves.

After decorating the kalash on right side desk some rice should be palced on it and Lord Ganesh & Shree Dattaryea Mahalaxami idols should be placed on the rice. Place betal leaf ,betal nut,rice,coin,fruits and 3 coconuts. Near idol of Lord Datta Red thread bundle is placed. After pooja is over everybody has to tie that tread on right and left hand of men and women. This tread is also called as Vrata Sutra.

This pooja can also be performed by devotees themselves or by preist (pujari). Average time for this pooja is 3 to 4 hours.

List of Material used for Pooja


1.Kumkum [One full dish of pure Kumkum for Archanam]
2.Sandal Powder [Gandha]
4.Flowers [Bel,Durva,Tulsi leaves,108 Tulsi Leaves, 5 Mango Leaves,15 Betal Leaves,15 Betal Nuts Cocunut,Supari]
5. Dhoop,
7.Deep [Cotton dias]
10. Curd
11. Ghee
12. Honey
13. Sugar
14. Panchamrut
15.Wodden Desk [Chaurang]
16. Other utensils like, dish, bowl
17. Dry Fruits
18.Match Box
19. Coins (Re.1 or Rs.2)
20. Idols of Lord Dattatraya, Goddess Mahalaxami
21. Sweets for prasad.

Pooja Process ( Pooja Vidhi)

Always perform puja after taking bath and wearing puja dress or nice clean clothes. While offering puja always remember your parents, guru, deceased near ones and their family god / goddess (Kulswamini / Gram Devtta). Puja can be performed by themselves or pujari.

Vandanam to devotee, local goddess, vastu etc.


" Om Keshavaya Namha Narayana Namha Madhvaya Namha Govindaya Namha."

Aim (Sankalpam)

While offering puja sankalpa should be made. Today on this auspicious day we are offering puja to Shree Anagha Devi along with Shree Anagha Lakshami for welfare of all our family members, long life, and success in life, good health, prosperity, marriage, children peace and well being of all family members. After this one should pour spoon full of water in dish which in put in front of the wooden desk (chaurang).

Before starting puja we must also worship all the things which are used in puja like utensils, dhoop,deep, betel leaves, betel nut, flowers, fruits etc.

Lord Ganesh Pujanam

Welcome (Avahanam) seat Asanam, Washing of foot, Bath, Stapanam, Abhishek with panchamrut, offering sandal powder (gandha), Rice, flowers, haldi kumkum, cloth, dhoop, deep, Naivaidya ,Gur & dry coconut,betal leaf,betal nut, fruits,all these to be offered to Lord Ganesh. A prayer is offered to lord and ganesh puja is completed.

Kalash Pujan

Kalash puja is started by applying sandal powder, haldi kumkum, flowers dhoop, deep,rice to kalash. Nasvaidyam and prayer is offered by chanting holy mantra.

Main Puja Process

Ashta Datta putra pujanam:  Betel nuts which are kept on the eight directions on rice. Avahanam Asanam Padhyaprjanam Arshyam, Snanan, betel leaf, Betel Nut, coin etc. arpanam and pujanam of every betel nut. Goddess Animai Namah (North-East), ladhima (north-South) Praptye (south-West) Prakanya (West North) Ishitva Namah (left hand side of God Datta) Vashitwaya Namah (Right Hand on God data) Kamavasaujita Namah (Western Side) Mahimai Namah (Near front of God Datta) Shree Anagha Datta & Shree Anagha Laxmi.


" Shree Anaghalaxmi Sahit Shree Anaghadattaya Namaha."

Abhishek starting Rudra, Shree sukta, Purush sukta mantra, Puthanam 8th apanam, cloth, thread, sandal wood, Haldi kumkum, arpanam, Bangles, Kajal, Flowers, Bel, Durva, Tulsi leaves, arpanam to deities. Then dhoop, deep Navidhyam, Beteal Leaf, Nut, Coins, Fruits arpanam,
Pradakhinam, Namaskaram, Vandanan, Prayer (prarthana) Arpanam Tirth Prashanam.

Dor Dharnam (Thread Sutram)

Males must tie read colored thread on their right hand while females tie on their left hand.


"Brahma Vishnumaheshvara Sampan Trigunatmak Trivanik Namastute Dordeva anaghatamak"

Pour one spoon of water into dish and offer puja to deities.


Kumkum Archanam To Anagha Laxmi & Anagha Datta with 100 names of deities with flowers, rice and tulsi leaves. 100 names mentioned in book.

Reading stories of Shree Datta Anagha Laxmi Stories. Addhya Pathana- as per book. Aarti pathanam, stotra pathanam as per book.Prasad Grahanam offering food.

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