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Service to God

Any god requires true love from bottom of your heart. You can pray anywhere,anytime but it should be with clean mind and full concentration..

All information provided in this website is based on Sreepada Sreevallabh Charitramurtum which in publishedin Marathi as well as Engilsh. All infomration in true and given by Lord Sreepada Sreevallabha.

1) How to solve your problems in you life?
2) How to reduce bad karma?
3) What deveotees should do to overcome pas bad karma?

Detailed information is given to devotees along with images and videos.

1) Shani Pradosh
2) Anagha Laxmi
3) Chitra Nakshatra
4) Pithapur
5) Kuravpur
6) Mahurgadh
7) Ahobilyam

Please note that every human body consisting of two types of body.

1. Body is conssiting of Bad Karma ( Evil)
2. Other body is consisting of Good Karma

Every human life depends upon stars. Nobody will come in your contact uless you have relation with his last birth and his karma.

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